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We all know that managing IT inventory assets is crucial for any enterprise. But, do we really know why SAM software important? How can it be helpful for the company? What is assets management anyway? Are there any stock inventory templates that save time and costs? We are here to speak of the main benefits delivered by hardware inventory management software.


We are going to dive deep into stock inventory and hardware assets. But firdst, we need to figure out some fundamental issues. What is asset management? Do you understand such terms as server inventory and hardware assets? No, you don’t. Just as I thought. Now let’s get closer to some baseline specifications and definitions.

What Is Assets Management: Features and Definition

Most companies are misled by the out-of-date asset management definition. Business owners are sure that it means actually a company or service provider that deals with stock inventory and hardware assets. Modern technologies never stop evolving. With the development of SAM software, there is no need to hire third-party companies that manage IT or app inventory. You can now use a single platform that provides a full access to all IT and hardware assets located within your company’s IT network.


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Latest hardware inventory management software appeared to be a more cost-effective instrument. It boosts company’s productivity. It divides prior tasks between administrators and other employees. Just like retail POS systems, modern SAM software makes it easy to generate any necessary info about a particular device, soft, program, etc. You get a full access to:


  • App Inventory version and date of installation;
  • Hardware assets serial numbers and other fundamental info;
  • Server Inventory information whether it runs fine or is overloaded;
  • Other inventory asset information including the length of session, users, etc.

Types of Stock Inventory Management Tools

SAM software turns out to be a handy tool whenever you want to control your costs and the entire enterprise software. The evolution of modern platforms resulted in several types of inventory asset management platforms. They include:


  • Mobile Asset Tracking Software – it is used to track inventory assets like vehicle fleet, equipment, tools, etc. remotely from a single dashboard;
  • Web Inventory Management – it comes as a handy hardware and IT inventory tool to track all the assets within a single corporate network.

The platforms may have different features. Choosing a proper one is vital. So, you need to compare some of the best network inventory tools. Plenty of them are available on the market. Make sure they meet all your requirements before the implementation.

The Benefits of Using IT Inventory SAM Software


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As for the core advantages, advanced software has already proved to be cost-effective. It saves time and money. At the same time, it can boost yuur company productivity level. The most important thing is that you are always aware. You know what is happening inside your IT assets network. Here are the main benefits if using SAM software:


  • Discover, Capture and Store – SAM software keeps you in touch will all necessary info related to IT assets. It makes it easy to capture and store data. It may automatically generate reports and focus on weak sides of the network;
  • Improve Profitability – SAM software boosts company’s efficiency level. A single administrator can cover multiple tasks without involving other managers. The rest of employees can focus on their prior objectives;
  • Fully Automated Process – imagine that you run a huge enterprise with lots of IT assets and stock inventory. Do you actually know where it is and how it works? SAM software automatically detects any device or program without manual interruption;
  • Analytics and Reports – SAM software automatically generates reports describing the conditions of every single IT asset without the network. You can see weak sides and improve the workflow.

It is high time business owners decided if they keep up with the latest web technologies that drive their business forward or they lose the major competitive advantage in the long run. One thing is clear. SAM software makes your business more profitable and effective.

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