How to Use Web Technologies to Build a Small Business Website

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So, you already know how to establish a solid small business web presence. Now, we can start the building process. Let’s imagine that you have already picked web technologies that suit you fine. It can be any website builder depending on your goals.

Each platform was designed for particular needs. Some website builders are perfect for online stores. Others have proved to be ideal when it comes to small business or eCommerce. You can choose from software developed for blogs, professional portfolios, business cards, etc. If you really know your objectives, you will never find it hard to pick best-matching web technologies.

web technologies

In this article, we will continue discussing small business web tools. You will learn how to:

  1. Work out a plan for the project.
  2. Choose a proper template for your future website.
  3. Edit and customize your small business website.
  4. Use web technologies to promote your business online.

Follow our handful guide to build a solid website. We will help you to establish a strong representation on the web as well.

Stage 1 – Revise All Plans

Choosing web technologies for small business is all about comparing and contrasting. A growing number of website builders results in a tough competition in the niche. Popular companies offer affordable plans and free trials to attract more users. Here you can find the list of website builders that offer a Free Plan.

web technologies

Pricing is not the only factor to consider.  When choosing a plan, you need to check the following:

  • Storage – Make sure the plan provides enough storage to keep all your files for the future small business web portal.
  • Hosting – Most website builders offer free hosting. You do not need to look for a third-party service to host your website.
  • Domain Name – Most proven platforms offer a free domain name along with free hosting.
  • Templates – How many FREE templates are included in the plan? Is it enough for your goals?

The choice will depend on the website complexity. Take into account the goals you’ve set while establishing your small business web presence idea. We recommend opting for platforms with clear pricing and no hidden fees.

Stage 2 – Select the Template

Modern web technologies set you free from more learning. You do not need to be a coder, programmer or web designer to create a solid site from scratch. Newbies can use modern software to build an online store or business card within a couple of hours. Advanced web technologies deliver a bunch of stylish templates out of the box. All you need is to choose the best-matching one.

web technologies

Consider the following:

  • Trendy Style – Your future small business web project should meet the latest web design trends. Choose themes, which feature animations, parallax or other effects.
  • Mobile Responsive – Make sure your website s 100% mobile-friendly. The majority of templates are mobile responsive letting you reach a wider audience.
  • Interface and Editor – Do you find the interface intuitive? Are there any problems with editing your template? try the preview mode and decide if it suits you or not.
  • Flexibility and Add-Ons – Some templates might already have built-in features, widgets or apps. A stylish subscription form, calendar or video widget may do the trick.

Now, it is high time we started customizing our future small business web pages.

Stage 3 – Stamp Your Brand with Web Technologies

Even a unique idea will never let you stand out from thousands of other websites alike. Stamping the brand is a hard work. IT requires a creative approach. However, you can still do at least something from the start.

web technologies

Modern web technologies come as an advanced solution. Simply go to your template’s settings and do the following:

  • Attach your custom logo.
  • Create the About US page.
  • Start a Blog;
  • Add social buttons;
  • Add widgets and apps.

The Bottom Line

The global web is a melting pot featuring endless websites that appear today. Standing out from competitors looks almost impossible. However, modern web technologies in the face of website builders let users establish a good online presence with ease. Your mission is to introduce your business to the global online community. Try to be creative and follow the latest web technology trends.

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