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Having a reliable asset management platform is vital for any company. The same thing is with the process of asset management. It is a crucial procedure to handle all business assets at once. Digital assets are not an exception. This is where you may need to choose from best free network inventory tools to manage all your digital assets and inventory.

Also known as asset management software or ASM for short, network inventory tools open source appears to be a dedicated DAM platform with a bunch of features delivered out of the box. The main mission is to keep all the digital assets under control. The software makes it easy to generate detailed reports and overviews of all items within the network. Moreover, free network inventory tools open source let business owners monitor the asset lifecycle.

What Are the Best Network Inventory Tools?

free network inventory tools

The main problem many business owners face is when choosing proper network inventor tools. will save your time. Benefit from handy tips to choose the best free network inventory tools and grow your business.

What Are Digital Assets?

Before we get to the process of choosing the bets network inventory tools, we need to figure out what digital assets actually are. They differ from financial and operating assets. They mainly refer to:

  • Digital Properties;
  • Software;
  • Websites;
  • Technologies;
  • Applications, etc.

Have a look at the table below to clarify the difference between digital assets and other types of business inventory.

Tangible Assets Intangible Assets
BuildingsDomain Names
Company LandSoftware
Corporate CarsComputerized Databases
Cash in HandPatented Technologies
Cash at BankBrand Name
Inventory Media Content

Network Inventory Tools Classification

AMS open source platforms can be divided into several categories. They can differ from each other by technologies as well as shapes and sizes. You need to know exactly what type of network inventory tool you need. To figure that out, check the list of free inventory tools that are classified in references to a particular industry:

  1. Free network inventory Management System to manage financial assets – it refers to company’s funds as well as segregated customers’ accounts.
  2. Asset tracking software to track infrastructure assets – the software helps to manage utilities, solar and transport systems, property, etc.
  3. Asset tracking platform to manage digital assets – it refers to the entire IT assets lifecycle from the purchase and deployment to maintenance, support, utilization, and any other action within the network. Digital assets might also include corporate photos, images, videos, and any other media content.
  4. Network inventory tools to manage IT assets – the tool is a bit different from the software asset management system. It refers to any hardware and software in order to create a friendly IT environment within the network as well as ensure effective strategic IT decision-making.
  5. Asset Management System to manage public assets – it refers to items and assets that are under the municipal jurisdiction.

You can check the list of our best free network inventory tools. They include some of the most commonly used platforms. Some of them come as an all-in-one DAM platform to manage different types of assets at the same time. Now. let’s get to the tips on how to choose your best network inventory tools.

How to Choose the Best Free Network Inventory Tools?

With so many different AMS software, choosing the right network inventory tool may look daunting. You need t to consider plenty of crucial factors. The task can be too challenging especially for newbies. Check our list of essential tips and pick the network inventory tool that will exceed your expectations.

Tip #1 – IT Assets Lifecycle

Make sure you have a clear understanding of your IT assets lifecycle. They include both tangible and intangible digital assets used by the company. You need a software that will link all your IT inventory and enable their smooth management and control on every stage of their lifecycle.

free network inventory tools

Tip #2 – Set Clear Targets

You need to know why you crave for a particular network inventory tool. Ensure a clear view of how it should work. How will it help you to accomplish the task? Does the tool has enough features to keep all your IT assets under control? Consider both long-term and short-term objectives to benefit from efficient network inventory tools in the long run.

Tip #3 – Reputation on the Web

Choosing a reliable network inventory tools is like hiring a web development company to build your small business website. Benefit from the Global Web and numerous opportunities to check a product’s reputation on the web. Look for testimonials and reviews. A good idea is to subscribe to where you can find the latest reviews and updates on all popular IT assets management software and DAM platforms.

Tip #4 – Look for the Best Value

While the competition in the niche grows tougher each day, most DAM platform developers offer discounts, free trials, and other cost-effective perks to let you save a couple of bucks.

The Bottom Line

The best way to ensure a rapid business growth and effective IT assets management is to opt for trusted products. In other words, look up the information online every time you need a solid network inventory tool to manage digital assets. Pay attention to all major factors starting from pricing to testimonials, loyalty programs, discounts, etc. Compare and contrast several DA platforms before choosing the best bet. Clarify your goals and set clear targets.

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