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But, what is network inventory? Have you ever given it a thought? Well, you have if you are an IT administrator or a business owner who want to boost company’s productivity. And how about those, who are new to the term? In brief, network inventory tools can be defined as means to manage and control all IT assets within a single network. In other words, network inventory software lets administrators keep the record of every single program, device, PC, laptop or any other asset included in the corporate network. Sounds great, right?

What Free Network Inventory Tools to Choose

Unfortunately, most available network inventory software is rather expensive. A few companies can afford implementing such instruments. Especially when we speak of small business. Is there any way out? Are there any free network inventory tools to benefit from?

Luckily for thousands of companies, network inventory software development teams do their best in order to exceed customers’ expectations. They listen to all enterprises despite their size and turnover offering an ultimate open source solution for any budget. In today’s reality, business owners can get themselves network inventory scanners, server inventory tools and other instruments free.

Software providers seem to put an ease on enterprises’ wallets. Apart from Lansweeper and other recognizable means, you can still find a more affordable network inventory freeware to handle different needs. From network discovery tools to inventory audit – get all these features free thanks to best network inventory software. We have conducted a list of top 5 offerings available on the web.

Spiceworks – Free Network Inventory Troubleshooter

The computer inventory management software as designed as a part of other Spiceworks products. It means, that the platform can be integrated with extra tools for maximum efficiency. As a result, you get a single free computer inventory software with all necessary features to handle IT assets management. Spiceworks handles acts as a network inventory scanner in addition to more capabilities.

Spiceworks Free Network Inventory Tools

Spiceworks Hits:

  • Acts as the issue troubleshooter;
  • Tracks all devices from the “critical” category;
  • Rescues network users;
  • Acts as an automatic network inventory scanner;
  • Customizes alerts and tracks your hardware;
  • Professional customer support.

Spiceworks Misses:

  • UI design – the computer management software is a bit complicated to figure out. Users claim to have a more intuitive interface;
  • Email Integration – some problems may occur whenever a user needs to retrieve the name of a sender. The malware arises when the letter is sent from Gmail.

Despite some slight drawbacks, Spiceworks is certainly worth paying attention. It is a good choice whenever you need a reliable free inventory management tool.

Open-AuditIT – A Flexible Network Inventory Tool

Open-AuditIT Free Network Inventory Tools

The app was developed in PHP. At the same time, it is based on VBScript and Bash. Companies can choose from two available additions. They include:

  • Community edition – it is a free version of Open-Audit network inventory tool. The edition name speaks for itself. IT can be managed via community;
  • Enterprise edition – it is a paid version of Open-Audit network inventory software. It delivers an extended list of modules and features. They are mainly aimed at improving network discovery as well as reporting features.

We have included Open-AuditIT because it has a free version. However, it will not be enough to handle report scheduling and filtering, mapping, bulk uploading and some other crucial features. If you need a more versatile network inventory tool, you should opt for a paid version.

ITAM – Free Network Discovery Software

Written in PHP, ITAM comes as a free and effective network discovery software. In addition, it is available as an open source platform. It boasts great customers’ reviews in addition to more than 30, 000 downloads. Developed in 2013, this network discovery software has proved to be a good choice.

ITAM Free Network Inventory Tools

ITAM Hits:

  • Manage vendors and categories details through a single dashboard;
  • Update and add new info with just a click away;
  • Delete categories and vendors;
  • Share operator and administrator roles between users;
  • Assign software and hardware to departments;
  • Delegate IT assets to other users.

ITAM Misses:

  • Last update in 2013;
  • Low-quality support;
  • The lack of patches.

Despite some crucial drawbacks, ITAM can still be a good peak if you need to manage server inventory. At the same time, you can use it to proceed with inventory audit. At least, it is free.

Stay tuned to learn about other available free network inventory tools. We are going to review some other popular platforms and eventually choose the winner. Follow our updates.

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