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Choosing an optimal free cafe POS system may turn into a pretty much tough challenge. Many point of sale solutions for small business claim to offer the best features. We have already introduced some of the best free point of sale systems for cafes in 2018. The list features some top options like Square. This time we will have a detailed overview of this popular cafe POS system.

In this article, we will highlight some of the key hits and misses. Is Square free cafe POS solution really a good choice for small business? What features does it lack? How can it help to grow sales and offer enhanced services? What extra costs are needed to implement advanced features? Keep on reading Soft4Business.info to answer these questions.

How Can Square Free Cafe POS System be Helpful?

Square free cafe POS system

The platform was initially designed for small business. It proved to be an effective POS solution to handle small cafes. At the same time, it boasts enough features to cope with eatery and coffeehouse chains. Square offers enough customization tools to tune the software to modify it according to the business owner needs.

Square cafe POS system delivers a bunch of robust features out of the box:

  • The List of Recipes.
  • Instruments to Track Ingredients.
  • Meal Modifying Tools.

The platform brings more flexibility if compared to other free point of sale systems. Square lets you easily transit into Restaurant POS system. Although the feature is not free, it makes it easy to adapt your business to its growth.

Essential Square POS System Features

Square free cafe POS system

Square cafe POS system offers plenty of instruments to choose from. They are good for small cafes as well as bigger restaurants in multiple locations. They include the platform access via mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones. Moreover, you can register up to 100 stations or POS terminals. The system comes with loyalty program capabilities. Advanced social marketing features will let your business grow. The set of major instruments includes:

  • Square Cafe POS Software – It is free to start. It does not include any extra costs, hidden fees, etc.
  • Built-In Square Payments – They include in-house payments as well as online transactions.
  • Restaurant Point of Sale System – Advanced package for a growing business.
  • Magstripe Reader – Benefit from a credit card reader for a tablet or smartphone.
  • Advanced Square Cafe POS Features – Facebook and Email marketing, gift cards, loyalty programs, and more.

Only basic Square point of sale features are free. If you crave for an advanced set of robust instruments, you should be ready to pay.

Square Cafe POS System Cost

Square has made a name for itself as the best free cafe POS system. It truly offers a set of free instruments that help to launch a small cafe. However advanced features are not free. You will have to pay for every new add-on or integration. Have a look at our tab that highlights possible extra charges.

Square POS System Cost Table

Square POS Hardware Pricing
Cafe POS SoftwareFree, No monthly fees
Built-In Square Payments:
In-house sales

Online Orders

Phoned-in order payments

2.75% of ticket amount

2.9% + 30¢ per order

3.5% + 15¢ per sale
Restaurant Point of Sale SystemFrom $60/mo
Magstripe ReaderFrom $0 to $49 for a contactless card reader
Facebook and Email marketingFrom $15/mo
Loyalty programFrom $25/mo

Square Cafe POS System Downsides

Square free cafe POS system

Despite the fact Square claims to be a free cafe POS system, you might also want some extra paid features. They may include:

  • iPad registration costing $169.
  • Staff management tools – $5/mo per employee.
  • Adding payroll will cost from $5/mo.

It may result in extra pressure on your wallet. At the same time, the lack of tools that tie menu items to ingredients might also appear to be a problem. Square only lets you set the inventory quantities. However, platform’s Restaurant package will instantly solve the problem.

The Bottom Line

Square platform is a great free cafe POS system. Its free package has enough basic features to run a small cafe. Free registration and in-built instruments make the software flexible enough. However, if you crave for a more extended list of tools you should be ready to go far over the budget. Every new integration or add-on is paid. Otherwise, you will not be able to use some of the instruments. That can be a small downside.

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