Square for Retail Review: Free Inventory Tools to Manage Products

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Most of you know Square as a reliable point of sale system for small businesses. It has proved to be a handy cafe POS solution with a bunch of essential features. It appears to be more flexible than one could expect. The system offers free inventory tools to ensure an efficient management system.

In other words, Square comes as an all-in-one platform for small business introducing one of the best cafe POS systems in addition to free inventory management tools to manage products and sales. The inventory management platform is based on advanced technologies. It comes with regular real-time updates.

Managers can manage their inventory despite the location. They can access the dashboard from anywhere using mobile devices as well. The application has made a name for itself among both brick-to-mortar sites as well as digital stores. Soft4Business.info has come up with a detailed review to let you figure out is the system worth paying attention.

Reasons to Opt for Square Free Inventory Tools

inventory tools

The application delivers a bunch of award-winning features out of the box. IT will be good for experienced business owners who know how to get started with the new platform. At the same time, newbie’s will also find it easy to launch the inventory management system. Here are some core advantages:

  • User-Friendly Platform – Square is very easy to install and set up thanks to the intuitive
  • Analytics & Reports – The app lets you generate detailed reports. Benefit from stock alerts on a daily basis.
  • Accurate Forecasts – inventory management tools will let you know if you are running out of products. You can always keep the product quantity on stock under control.

The application makes it possible to manage the inventory across multiple channels. It can be integrated with third-party platforms. They include only official Square partners. If you require a custom inventory management tool, you can hire a professional developer or benefit from Square API.

Manage Your Inventory Tools from Anywhere

inventory tools

Have you ever thought of inventory tools to manage your products from anywhere? Square management system can be accessed from any device. You can handle the inventory via smartphones, tablets or desktops. The system provides a 100% free dashboard. All you need is to sing in and benefit from the following:

  • Time-Saving Management Inventory Tools – Square platform was designed as a time-saving solution that requires less time to manage business inventory.
  • Inventory Tools to Manage in Bulks – the system makes it easy to check products’ quantity and reserves. You can download reports as well as update inventory bulk quantity.
  • Daily Stock Alerts – the system will automatically inform you when you are running out of items. You will always know when you are running low and what products you need to update.

This is not all! The system delivers a whole bunch of extra features and inventory tools out of the box.

Features that Square Inventory Tools Have

We should note that Square Dashboard and Square for Retail are two separate apps. They come with different features. Have a look at the table below to have a clear understanding of how those inventory tools differ from each other:

Application VersionSquare DashboardSquare for Retail
Pricing PolicyFree$60/mo
Inventory in Bulk++
Stock Quantity Tracking ++
Daily Stock Alerts++
Barcode Labels-+
Lost Items Marking-+
Damaged Inventory Tracking-+

As for the features, they are as follows:

  • Simple Setup – you will hardly face difficulties when setting up the platform. It lets you import numerous products as well as create separate spreadsheets.
  • Shopventory – a set of advanced inventory tools to benefit from sales reporting services, advanced business intelligence an dmore.
  • Stitch Labs – monitor all stock quantities across the platform as well as other available channels using Stitch Labs inventory tools.

The platform can be easily customized thanks to accessible Square API. You can hire a professional developer or create a personalized set of inventory tools by yourself. You will need technical knowledge and coding skills.

Introducing Square for Retail POS System


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