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One can have the most brilliant idea to launch small business. However, it does not always mean successful implementation. Advanced technologies and tools must be used. Moreover, we should take into account some crucial stumbling blocks on the way a solid online representation. This is where small business web building platforms may come in handy.

Web technologies are evolving. They bring innovative and easy-to-use tools in the face of website builders. Designed for both professionals and newbies, those web technologies let them create professional small business web portals from scratch within a couple of hours. You wish it were that easy, don’t you?

You might have the best company, product or service ever. You might have the most skillful team of our time. But you will never be able to introduce those assets to the target audience without using modern web technologies. Today at, we will show you how to get started. What issues to consider before implementing small business web technologies? Follow our guide.

A Brief Summary of Small Business Web Technologies Implementation

Steps Results Factors to Consider
Web TechnologiesWebsite Development Services vs Website Builders Website builders are cheaper, faster and easier to use. Web developers handle the full-cycle development process.
Domain Name Better SEO ranks, growing recognition and customers' impressionThe name length up to 12, characters, insert a keyword and opt for TLDs.
Web Platform Website Builders Consider goals, website type, structure, complexity

Step #1 – Think of Your Small Business Web Idea

small business web technologies

The idea comes first. Then come the web technologies. In other words, you need to set clear targets as well as understand the means to achieve them. Try to answer some of the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of launching the business?
  2. Who is my buyer persona?
  3. What benefits can I deliver to the targeted audience?

You will hardly find it difficult to answer these questions if you really know what you are doing. This is where you need to decide, which is the better option for your goals. Hiring custom developers can be a good idea if you are not limited to the budget. Using website builders is a more cost-effective small business web tool with some obvious advantages.

Would you like someone to build a site for you? Turning to website development services can be a way out. They handle the full-cycle of small business web building process including all stages from stereotyping and programming at A/B testing and support.

The obvious downside of website development services is their cost. Prepare to pay for each and every move not mentioning page customization, updates or modifications in case of necessity. You will have to pay for small business web design, support, maintenance, etc. Not quite a good idea for entrepreneurs with limited budgets.

Website Building Platforms

Website builders represent the latest web technologies. Mostly designed for non-technicians, they have proved to be a fast and easy small business web instrument. They actually let you handle the building of any site. It can be of any type:

  • Small Business Web Portals;
  • eCommerce websites;
  • Professional Portfolios;
  • Blogs and business cards.

All you need is to choose the software that meets your needs. Luckily most website builders offer free trials and plans to test the system. You can check how it works to decide whether it suits you or not.

Step #2 – Smart Domain Ensures Smart Business

small business web

After we have decided on web technologies to choose, it is high time we picked a proper domain name. If you hire website development services, you will not need to care about the issue. If you choose small business web building tools, prepare to do some research.

A domain is the core element of any site. It is the first thing your visitors see. It can either make a good impression or spoil it once and for all. Moreover, choosing a smart domain name will certainly have a positive SEO impact. We will discuss SEO optimization a bit further. What you need to know now is that it ensures a higher search engine ranking. In other words, you can stand out from the main competitors online.

Tips to Choose A Smart Domain

With so many info on the web regarding this issue, a few articles disserve your attention. Most blogs do not cover some baseline features to consider such as the following:

  • Keep an eye on the domain length. Try to make it shorter than 12 characters but longer than 6.
  • Insert keywords in your domain. You should not pack a bunch of key phrases in the domain name. Create a striking short phrase for your future small business web portal.
  • Try to make it as easy to type as possible. The key to success is to avoid special numbers or figures. Do not make it hard for your visitor to type or spell the domain They will appreciate that.
  • TLD domains rule! Domain extension can turn into a defining factor. TLDs like .com are always better if compared to .info, .biz, etc. If you are planning to target a particular country or region, you can choose some more specific domain names like, .de or any other depending on the location.

When it comes to building a small business web portal or site, choosing the domain name can be a crucial step. So, take a good care of it.

Step #3 – Pick a Small Business Web Platform

small business web technologies

So, we have an idea, a domain name and the understanding of what to expect from the future site. It is high time we picked proper web technologies to handle the building process. Website builders are a faster and simpler way to create a solid small business web resource from scratch. They are flexible, affordable, easy to use.

With so many platforms and web technologies available online, choosing the right one can be a challenge. The following are the factors to take into account:

  1. Ease of Use – Make sure you understand how the system works. Does it meet your requirements? Does it provide enough flexibility? Are you satisfied with the web technologies you choose?
  2. Pricing – Compare multiple plans delivered by the platform. Does the price meet your budget expectations? Are there any free opportunities like free plans or trials? They will let you test the system and decide if it is a good pick.
  3. Flexibility – How about templates? Are they mobile-friendly? Are there more widgets and add-ons to implement? Do you like templates’ design? Are the pages easy to customize and edit?
  4. Customer Support – Being stranded in the world of web technologies can be frightening. Make sure you have customer support always by your side. Forums, tutorials or knowledgebase would be a huge advantage in favor of the platform.

Final Word

Getting started with your first ever small business web project is a challenge. However, modern web technologies will make the process easy and less daunting. You are not supposed to be a skillful coder or programmer. You do not need to obtain web design skills. Modern website builders will do the trick.

All you need to do is to set clear targets. A clear vision of objectives will help you to choose a proper platform to cope with all tasks at once. Grab your chance to establish a solid small business web presence with some of the best website builders.

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