Open Source Network Inventory Guide: Tips to Perform Digital Assets Management

open source network inventory IT Asset Management

What is the best way to perform an open source network inventory? Implementing the effective digital assets management system is the challenge for 90% of managers and IT administrators. The problem is they cannot keep up with each and every device within the network.

Open source network inventory tools come as an ultimate solution to the problem. They let managers track and monitor already existing hardware and software. Moreover, they get a tool to discover and explore each and every new IT asset linked to the corporate network.

On the other hand, having trusted open source network inventory tools is only 50% of success. You need to know how to use them properly in order to benefit from a full-scale digital asset management system. will highlight some o the baseline issues to conside.

The Benefits of Using Open Source Network Inventory Tools

open source network inventory

First of all, they let administrators keep up with all the necessary data. It may include some baseline issues such as:

  • Document versions.
  • IP addresses.
  • The list of all hardware and software within the network.
  • Date of download, current status.

As a result, the IT asset management system comes as an essential helper whenever you need to implement effective maintenance and support in addition to configuration asset management, etc.

A good news about some proven network inventory tools is the fact they are free to use. At least, you can request a free demo to check if the system suits you fine. Most platforms come as an all-in-one solution to handle various tasks. For example, Freshservice provides everything you need for a full-scale IT support. A single platform makes it easy to:

  • Maintain hardware and software records.
  • Automated tasks.
  • Multi-Channel support.
  • Mobile Service Desk App for iOS and Android.

You can start your FREE TRIAL right now!

How to Perform Open Source Network Inventory?

Now. let’s get back to our open source network inventory guide. Managing digital assets is easier than ever before considering advanced DAM platforms. They will do the trick in 90% of cases. However, you should do the rest.

Tip #1 – Broader Focus

The idea is to be broader when it comes to detecting all devices within your network. This is where you can implement different techniques. As a rule, most managers and administrators are used to traditional network scanning. On the one hand, this particular technique is very likely to work out especially when you have well-configured devices within the network.

open source network inventory

But what would you do with misconfigured items? How would you detect and explore them? This is where several network inventory techniques ay work out. The stages can be as follows:

  1. Complete simpler tasks such as network scanning of IPv4 and IPv6.
  2. Now you can move to more complex tasks including routers, firewalls, ARP tables in switches.
  3. Implement passive network inventory combined with finger tipping.

A multi-functional IT asset management system provides a significant advantage if it is compatible with your businss technologies. Administrators can detect each and every device once it has become active within the network. Active scanning and passive finger tipping appear to be an ultimate blend whenever you need to benefit from effective open source network inventory management.

Tip #2 – Open to Data

This is where open source network inventory tools are extremely functional. They actually deliver a single product to handle various tasks at the same time. You can team up with different teams via a single help desk, generate reports, create new tickets, and more. Advanced platforms are able to meet various needs from network scanning and security to patch management.

open source network inventory

All you need is an IT asset management system that ensures a smooth and trouble-free data flow. In this case, you will get control over core functions such as:

  • IP Address management.
  • Security and Network Vulnerability Analysis.
  • Desktop and Mobile Management.
  • Data Export and Reports.

Open source network inventory tools will handle every task.

Tip #3 – Strategic Approach

You will need a sharp set of requirements in order to find an instant solution to any problem. If you run a project without sharp requirements, it can quickly go out of control. The IT network consists of various elements. Some of them are extremely vulnerable such as  IT Libraries (ITIL) or service desks. They require accurate configuration and thorough support.

Having clear targets is the way out. Open source network inventory tools will prevent you from scope creep. Administrators will concentrate on the prior objectives as well as distinct points. Using an open interface enables an effective collaboration between various teams as well. Each department can make the contribution or make any corrections if necessary.

The Bottom Line

After you have opted for a good open source network inventory tool, you will get a chance to generate useful data almost instantly. You need to be ready for piles of new information. The slightest thing missing or incorrect might lead to inevitable consequences for the entire network. For this reason, you might need a helpful platform in the face of modern IT asset management systems that will do major work for you. Grab your chance to try some of the leading DAM products free.

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