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Novi Builder open source website builder Web Development Technologies

Launched about a month ago, Novi Builder is a brand new open source website builder that is good for both professional web designers and newbies. The HTML-based platform claims to be innovative software with a pack of great features and affordable prices.

Novi Builder may come as a good solution for those looking for affordable website builders for small business. It offers a variety of HTML-based templates that look pretty stylish and are very easy to edit or customize. Users might appreciate affordable prices and three different packages that may appear to meet individual website owners as well as web designers who deal with customers web projects.

Novi Builder open source website builder

Let’s have a closer look at what Novi open source website builder may offer and if it is really worth paying attention. Is it really a new word in the field of Web Development Technologies?

Novi Builder Pricing and Plans

The system comes as a cost-effective solution. It delivers three major plans that look like a bargain. This fact puts Novi Builder in the top list of budget small business website builders. Users will benefit from an all-in-one web solution at the price of a premium HTML template. Have a look at the table below to learn more about the price tags and packages delivered by Novi Builder:

Price$29 per year $49 per year $140 one time
Good for small business websitesmedium web projectsweb designers who work with customers’ sites
Features Free Updates and Plugins, Unlimited Projects, Developer Support
Startup Features + Free Templates All Unlimited Featutes and lifetime membership

Yearly plans look affordable especially considering the fact you get all free features in addition to a ready-to-use server solution in the pack. From budget perspectives, this open source website builder looks very attractive.

Dashboard and Ease of Use

Opting for open source HTML website builders is a good idea taking into account the fact they are not very demanding in terms of page load speed, uptime rates, etc. In other words, having an HTML-based template means having a clear and lightweight code that will run smoothly on various device types whether you target desktop or mobile users.

Novi Builder open source website builder

As for the user-friendliness and editing process, the intuitive dashboard lets you handle various process at a blink:

  • Easy-to-Use – you only need to log in, choose a template and start editing its blocks. You can use ready-made website layouts with more than 40 different themes for small business, non-profit organizations or other types of web projects.
  • Three-Mode Dashboard – You can choose whether to edit a ready-made template in the Design Mode or switch on the Edit Mode and work with the source code. Three major options are available for web designers. They include HTML, CSS or JS editor. Choose the one you need and start customizing the page. The Preview mode lets you check the results of your work without publishing the website.
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality – editing blocks and sections has never been easier before. You are free to move custom blocks, edit texts, replace sections, upload media files using a simple drag-and-drop editor.
  • Customization Features and Settings – use the settings to add new sliders, galleries, contact forms or other page elements. Go to Advanced Page Manager to work with settings, add new layers, change context menus, etc.

While being an open source website builder, Novi Builder reserves much space for web designing. You may implement different ides to make your site look exclusive. However, it will require at least some basic coding knowledge.

Novi Builder Award-Winning Features

The open source website builder looks pretty versatile in terms of functionality. It has enough instruments and features to let users come up with a professionally looking small business website or any other project type:

Novi Builder open source website builder
  • HTML-Based Templates – the platform delivers 40+ stylish HTML platforms in various categories. Choose from ready-made layouts for healthcare companies, non-profit organizations, small business, etc. Lightweight HTML templates will ensure fast page loading, which is crucial for search engines and users experience.
  • All Plugins You Need – once you have joined the Novi Builder community and opted for a plan, you will get a set of free plugins. You won’t even have to integrate or activate them manually. Most of the templates come with already integrated add-ons and widgets ranging from MailChimp integration, Google Maps, Countdowns, Calendars, Social Media Buttons, etc.
  • Mobile Preview Mode – the dashboard has the Change Resolution Mode where you can preview your future website on various devices depending on their screen dimensions. For example, you may look through the way a site looks like in smartphone or tablet portrait/landscape mode as well as on FULL HD desktop or laptop version. A great feature to acquire as many mobile users as possible.
  • SEO and Security – go to advanced settings and fine-tune your website SEO. The system lets you indicate meta titles and descriptions as well as the focus word. The functionality is pretty basic and can be met in many other website builders although it is still a must-have. As for security, Novi Builder developers come up with regular backups and updates.

Once a month, Novi Builder team reviews customers’ claims and propositions to come up with system updates and new perks to meet their demands. It means the platform boasts a dedicated support team. Let’s have a look if it is true.

Support Team

We should note that Novi is a relatively new open source website builder. The support team is only in the process of forming a solid knowledge database although it still delivers some essentials for both professional web designers and newbies. If you need to resolve different issues, use any of the following methods:

  • Email ticketing – a traditional system of sending tickets with a detailed description of the problem you have. I cannot tell the exact response time although I do hope it does not take them long considering a small pool of users.
  • Social Community – Novi Builder has its Facebook fan page with some of its users who are not rather active. On the other hand, it is also a fast way to get in touch.
  • Video Guides and Tutorials – you will certainly appreciate this one with tons of useful information available as videos, documentation, and tutorials. They cover all possible aspects form getting started to server requirements and website deployment.

The lack of phone or Live Chat feature might look like a drawback at first sight. However, you will hardly be left stranded with your project.

Summing Up

Novi Builder is an innovative HTML-based open source website builder with affordable prices and a set of advantages. It is perfect for web designers who build websites for their customers.

Newbies might also find it helpful thanks to a selection of HTML templates, great design, easy-to-use dashboard with advanced editing tools, etc. I do hope that the platform will keep on developing to eventually become the top budget open source website building platform.

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