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Advanced business web technologies turn out to be a must-have and
you will still need the best website builder for small business to ensure a solid online representation for the company. It does not matter what size of business you have. You may run a small cafe or work as an independent designer or enter the Board of Directors to manage a huge international corporation. 

Having a  free small business website guarantees wider customers’ outreach and awareness. A website comes as a handy tool whenever you need to stand out from competitors. Building a site from scratch has become much easier thanks to small business web technologies. A user is not supposed to be a technical or coding guru. All you need is to choose the best small business website builder.

This is where newbies might face some challenges. So many different SaaS platforms claim to be the best in the niche. You need to be 100% sure, you have picked the right small business web instrument that meets your requirements.  

How can Best Website Builder for Small Business Help?   

Users need to consider available functionality, features, flexibility, and other key issues. is here to save your time. Follow our simple steps to opt for the best website builder for small business. Ensure your strong web presence at no time.

Type of Website business card, digital store, company’s website
Flexibilityadd-ons, apps, widgets, customization tools
Ease of Use drag-and-drop feature, CMS editor
Pricingfrom $0 to $50 depending on the plan
IntegrationCRM or third-party integration, outsourcing capabilities

Points to Consider when Choosing the Best Website Builder for Small Business

Best Website Builder for Small Business

Ah, great! You have come up with an award-winning business idea! Or, maybe you crave for the company extension. No matter what your goals are, finding the best website builder for small business is vital.

It all starts with a proper platform with all necessary tools and features in the pack. If you do everything right, you will get an ultimate small business web instrument to build a website despite its complexity.

Step #1 – Find the Website Builder for Your Particular Goals

The idea is pretty simple. The best website builder for small business will have everything you may need during the building process. Before opting for software, you need to consider the following:

  • Is the small business web technology is easy to use?
  • Does it have special features to grow your business?
  • Does it serve your website purposes?

To answer those questions, you need to have a clear vision of your project. Is it a digital shop or a business card? Are you planning to sell good or simply introduce your competence to the public? Choose a platform that fits all your needs right at once.

Step #2 – Look for Extended Marketing Instruments

Best Website Builder for Small Business

The best website builder for small business will not be limited to some particular features. Trusted platforms usually come with a bunch of extra tools. Some of them can be used to grow your business. Moreover, additional instruments and small business web technologies can help you:

  • Increase Brand’s Recognition.
  • Boost Customers’ Awareness.
  • Access the Wider Target Audience.
  • Improve Clients’ Loyalty.
  • Attract more Users to Your Website.

You should plan ahead possible business extension opportunities. Check if the best website builder for small business offers CRM integration capabilities, third-party add-ons, outsourcing opportunities, etc.

Some platforms come with a fast and easy integration with major email services such as MailChimp. It is a good tool to grow your customers’ list without special skills or knowledge. For this reason, you need to look for instruments like built-in pop-ups, effective subscriptions forms, etc. This is what defines the best website builder for small business.

Step #3 – Never Underestimate SEO

Most web building platforms offer limited SEO options. It looks strange considering the role of SEO and thousands of competitors online. Advanced SEO settings can be a vital instrument in bringing your business to the next level.

web for business

It does not mean you need to hire SEO specialists. The best website builder for small business will contain extended SEO features and settings to work with:

  • Focus Keywords related to your niche.
  • Meta Titles and Description to make your content more SEO friendly. 
  • Image Alt tag optimization settings.
  • Post preview modes, etc.

Some platforms boast integrated SEO wizards. They automatically design the most suitable SEO strategy for your particular website and niche.

Step #4 – The More Extensions the Better

Any website requires support and maintenance. Do not expect enormous revenues right after the launch. It is a long hard road with constant content production and optimization. You need to provide interesting information for your customers that is relevant and new. Otherwise, your project will be of no interest to the target audience.

The best website builder for small business reserves enough space for further extension. They may include:

  • Blogging Feature.
  • Social Sharing Links.
  • eCommerce Instruments.
  • Image Galleries.

Third-party integrations will do the trick. Just make sure a chosen small business web platform supports them.

Step #5 – Opt for Cost-Effective Web Building Platform

Choosing an affordable website builder for small business will hardly be a challenge. You can select from a range of plans with multiple features in the box. Small business web building software usually comes as an all-in-one instrument with all necessary functions you might need.

cost of Best Website Builder for Small Business

On the other hand, some platforms are more eCommerce-oriented. They cost more while some simpler site builders are less expensive though still provide a decent pack of features for the project. Remember to thoroughly examine the system before you pay for the plan. Free trials and money back guarantees will let you try the platform with no risk.

3 Best Website builders for Small Business

Every platform tries to attract the attention of the customers. Different web building software providers claim to be the best in the niche. We have highlighted some of the top rated and best offers on the web. The list below will let you pick the best website builder for small business to meet your expectations.

Wix – Simplest Small Business Website Builder

Wix free website builder

Wix is one of the easiest and most flexible small business website builders. It will be good for any online project. The platform will cope with small, medium or huge complex sites. The main benefits include:

  • AI-Based Web Technology – Wix ADI is an artificial intelligence that builds any type of website for you. All you need is to indicate the name of the company and type of business. The best website builder for small business will do the rest.
  • An Array of Features – Choose from SEO and eCommerce tools to a huge selection of widgets available in the Wix App Store. Optimize the content and use add-ons to customize your site pages.
  • Affordability – Wix has a free plan for small simple websites. If you crave for more features, Combo plan is totally what you need costing less than $9.

As you can see, Wix meets all the requirements you might have. The platform boasts all necessary features to become the best website builder for small business.

uKit – The Cheapest Website Builder for Small Business

uKits small business website builder

Affordable and easy to use, uKit represents advanced small business web technologies. You can create a solid website from scratch within less than 2 hours. The core advantages include:

  • Wide Selection of Templates – Mobile-Friendly themes are designed to help you create a professional website without any special skills. Simply choose a template and start editing.
  • Great Flexibility – uKit makes it easy to create a stunning blog or portfolio. It is a good tool for independent service providers, fitness coaches, and other small business representatives.
  • Low Prices – uKit does not have a free plan though you still may benefit from a free trial period. As for the prices, plans range from $4 to $12 monthly.

uKit is a fast and easy way to create a small business website from scratch. Explore more features and compare them to mentioned above.

IM Creator – Professional Website Builder for Small Business

IM CReator small business website builder

IM Creator is a more eCommerce-oriented website builder. However, it can still let non-technicians build a great site for small business as well. Have a look at what you may get:

  • eCommerce Options – Build your stunning digital store effortlessly. You will be able to manage your products, prices, descriptions and more.
  • Integrations – Choose from a selection of payment options, add to cart features and other integrations to make a diverse webshop.
  • Additional Features – Create a blog or gallery to highlight your competence, projects or services you provide.

The Bottom Line

Now you know how to choose the best website builder for small business. No matter what platform you choose, always keep in mind the core goals and purposes of the project.

Make sure a chosen tool is able to provide all necessary features. And never forget to look for extensions, as you might probably need to grow your business in future. Opt for the website builder that reserves enough space for the site business potential.

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