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Best POS system for cafes Retail POS Systems

Modern technologies make it easier to bring business to a new level. Technological development results in multipurpose retail POS solutions and tools that suit both startups and well-established café chains. We have recently reviewed some of the best free point of sale systems for cafes. It is high time we picked the paid best POS System for cafe.

As a rule, they come with a wider selection of features. For this reason, they are very likely to meet your daily business needs. Designed to improve your services, each best POS system from the list below will let you handle the following issues:

  • Flexible Transaction & Payment Processing.
  • Effective Menu & Employees Management.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics.

Paid POS systems for small business deliver a bunch of functions out of the box. They are good for sales tracking while some advanced options may offer inventory asset solutions for a maximum business involvement. Choosing the best POS system for your business requires in-depth research. You need to set clear targets and consider vital issues including daily traffic, an array of menu offers, etc. It will let you sort out the best-matching solution to meet your business and budget expectations. We have examined several POS solutions to highlight the best offers.

Summary Table of Café Best POS System Offers

Paid POS SystemsWhat Is It Good For?Pricing
Lightspeed RestaurantCoffeehouse chains and eateriesFrom $69/mo
ShopKeepSmall cafes that require a detailed trackingFrom $69/mo
ToastLarger venues with multiple locations From $79/mo

Lightspeed Restaurant – A Solid POS System for a Coffeehouse Chain

Lightspeed Restaurant POS system

For many years, Lightspeed Restaurant has been the #1 choice for many café owners around the globe. The POS solution is tightly packed with instruments for different types of eateries. It will also appear to be a great tool for a coffeehouse chain featuring various locations across the state or country.

Apart from the affordable price tag, the Lightspeed café POS system comes with handy tools to cope with:

  • Sales and Inventory Management.
  • Staff and Order Tracking.
  • Fast Payment Processing and Delivery Services.

The system appears to be an all-in-one solution for different types of businesses despite the size. Startups will get a POS solution to ensure a smooth workflow. On the other hand, well-established companies will get a chance to improve their services and benefit from loyal customers.

Lightspeed Restaurant Pricing: The price for a best POS system for cafes starts from $69 per month. For this price, you will get a mobile-friendly platform with menu and inventory management tools, kitchen tickets, phone-in orders, and more.

ShopKeep – #1 iPad POS System for Café

ShopKeep POS system

Unlike many other POS solutions for cafes, ShopKeep boasts rawer tools for goods inventory tracking. It seems like a cost-effective solution considering its average price tag and a wider selection of features. The implementation of this point of sale system for small business will make it easy to keep an eye on every small thing. Everything is under control from a single egg or paper cup to sales analytics.

Additional ShopKeep benefits include:

  • Third-party integration capabilities.
  • Staff management instruments.
  • Loyalty programs with gift cards for customers.
  • Registration of an iPad stand.
  • Round-the-clock support team.

ShopKeep Pricing: It all seems to be a real bargain considering the POS solution cost. The basic price goes from $69 per monthly registration or a mobile device. By the way, the platform was designed as an iPad POS system for cafes. However, prepare to pay extra bucks every time you require more add-ons.

Toast – The Best POS System for 100% Control over Small Business

Toast POS system

While being the most expensive café point of sale system in our list, Toast claims to provide 100% control over site’s inventory. It was designed to let business owners boost their sales from the very start. Unlike many other POS solutions, Toast has an intuitive interface. It results in a fast setup and does not require any technical skills or caching. Here are the features that make this POS solution a great choice despite the highest price tag:

  • Handheld Device Package for Android.
  • Basic/Full Registration Stations.
  • Loyalty Programs with Gift Card Integration.
  • Online Ordering.
  • Kitchen and Drink Line real-Time Tracing.

The system lets you monitor table layouts. It also has an offline mode to access the platform even if the Internet goes down.

Toast Pricing: $79/month looks like a good price considering system’s feature set. On the other hand, extra extensions are too expensive especially when it comes to startups or small cafes. For example, a handheld device package starts from $450. Hardly a good idea for a start.

The Bottom Line

Think twice before choosing the best POS system for a café. Paid POS solutions include many different features. Some of them may appear to be useless at the start of the business development. You need to consider different vital factors not to overpay. Set clear targets and try different POS solutions in a free mode. Check is the system meets your requirements. Compare different platforms and pick the best-matching one from our Retail POS Systems section.

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