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Why do you actually need Network Inventory Tools to manage IT assets? What kind of tools do you need? How can they help to streamline the operational process? First of all, network inventory management is the essential tool to keep all the data from your network infrastructure relevant and up-to-date.

In other words, the best network inventory software can be used to improve the operation performance. It delivers a set of effective solutions that deal with generating data, produces actual reports as well as establish automated modeling and back-office processes.

It is high time we got rid of out-of-date spreadsheet software that makes the assets software tracking rather challenging. Some best network inventory tools will let you handle all the processes at the same time focusing on the core objectives. We can finally benefit from a sophisticated bunch of instruments to discover and track all your network assets with just several clicks away. They come as a timesaving solution. They reduce operations costs and let administrators avoid daily routine.

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The best free network inventory software appears to be a good choice whenever you need to reduce the costs when operating some devices connected to the network as well as reveal their maximum producing potential. Make your software work faster and more effective featuring maximum accuracy. Open source network inventory increases the level of operating efficiency, which results in more accuracy.

While the software inventory tool market is overloaded with offers, choosing the proper one may seem a bit daunting. We decided to put an ease on the process of choosing proper software. Benefit from our detailed network inventory software review featuring top options to meet different needs and requirements.

Network Inventory Advisor – Comprehensive Solution to Manage Assets

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This particular set of tools is able to meet various requirements and expectations. It comes as an effective network management solution for modern business. It boasts intuitive and user-friendly interface, which makes I a good option for both huge enterprises and small organizations. The platform delivers a set of powerful asset management solutions out if the box in addition to baseline reporting and tracking features.

A good thing about Network Inventory Advisor is that it handles both software and hardware assets tracking and management. The tool is able to generate prices and accurate data about the products delivered by more than 500 different software providers including such big industry names as Adobe, Microsoft, Autodesk and many others.

The tool is available free as a 15-day free trial. You can try some of its basic features and decide whether it meets your requirements when it comes to managing network assets. If everything suits you fine, you can choose from several plans and opt for a license that meets your financial expectations as well.

SolarWinds – Automatically Generates Software and Hardware Asset Details

Our expert network inventory comparison made us include SolarWinds in our list of best tools. It comes as a better solution to brick-and-mortar spreadsheet software that has proved to be time-consuming and less effective if compared with modern tools.

network inventory tools

Forget about tracking your IT assets manually. The system brings an automated control over your network software and hardware. It automatically generates essential information related to system updates, available USB ports, firmware and operating system updates, etc. You can easily track processors data, know the software version, collect VM hosted details and more. SolarWinds comes as an automated advanced solution to handle two major issues. They are as follows:

  • Assets Tracking Throughout The Lifecycle – the tool makes it easy for administrators to track and manage all necessary assets data. From software versions and processors to the latest system updates. You will get an access to all programs ever installed in addition to their purchasing or downloading date. Administrators will be able to keep in touch with the warranty expiration date as well as identify the exact location of an asset. The tool was designed to deal with agreements between the enterprise and a vendor or software supplier;
  • Advanced IT Asset Reporting System – SolarWinds sends immediate notifications and alerts about the slightest change that takes place within the network. The tool produces accurate reports featuring tables and charts to have a clear vision of the issue. Each report includes asset’s information such as update dates, admin’s name in charge, number of resources used, model number, etc.

SolarWinds comes as a full-scale solution to meet modern business requirements.

Lansweeper – Agent-Free Network Inventory Tool

Lansweeper is able to generate 300+ different reports. Administrators can easily integrate them with the help desk as well as scale numerous network assets at the same time. The tool has provided to be a good solution for small and medium businesses providing enough features including Help Desk, inventory management options, etc. Lansweeper supports automated software deployment and lets administrators handle the SNMP and active directory management.

InvGate Assets – Track All Your Assets Centrally

Are you looking for a single centralized asset management solution for your IT department? InvGate Assets can be a good tool to handle the task. As well as other competitors in the niche, it makes it easy to manage both software and hardware assets. Its main benefit includes a continuous automated tracking and monitoring feature that results in an increased overall company’s productivity and high-level decision-making.

network inventory tools

Use the tool to generate precise information about each asset effortlessly. The reports include license numbers, expiring dates, assets value within the network, etc. The tool makes it easy to manage vendor’s agreements and check the warranty terms. Automated deployment function is a good feature to boost company’s productivity and deliver assets to the places they are needed.

Snipe-IT – A Simple Asset Management Tool

Snipe-IT is a perfect IT asset management tool for small businesses looking for a simple solution to manage software. It may come as an essential helper when handling Excel spreadsheet. The tool has a simple export feature letting you easily export assets to a CSV file with just several clicks away. The platform allows identifying employees roles. You can decide on which administrator can access your reports and data related to network assets. The best thing about Snipe-IT is the fact it is 100% free.

Final Word

Choosing a proper IT asset management solution depends on your business goals and sizes. Huge enterprises may require some more diverse management platforms while smaller businesses loom for a simplified tool to handle to manage their network assets with ease. For this reason, setting clear targets is vital before opting for a particular tool. Our website lets you keep in touch with the best network inventory tools, reviews and comparisons.

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