Best Free Point of Sale Systems for Cafes in 2018

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Each modern café POS system is designed to help small businesses grow. Advanced POS solutions deliver a bunch of vital features out of the box. They let site owners build an automated workflow featuring increased customers’ loyalty and enhanced services. Considering all the POS benefits, one could hardly dream of getting a free point of sale system.

We decided to highlight some of the best free POS solutions for cafes. Here at Soft$, you will find a list of top offers. It is a great chance for café owners to get point of sale software free and decide whether they meet their requirements. Consider our article as a free trial of available free POS solutions. Let’s get it started!

Summary Table of Best Free Point of Sale Systems for cafes

Free POS SystemsWhat Is It Good For?Pricing
Square Smalls bars and cafesFrom $0
LoyverseLoyalty programsFrom $0.01
Harbortouch Retail outlets, cafes, quick deliveryFrom $0 to $49/mo

Things to Consider when Choosing a Free POS Solution for Café

Choosing a proper POS platform for a small business can be daunting.  Hundreds of companies offer their products claiming to be the best in the niche. Our mission is to narrow down the list of free point of sales systems. We have picked the ones that are currently popular with business owners.

Cafe POS System

When making our free POS review, we tried to answer the following questions:

  • Can the free POS solution take orders?
  • Does it run on the low-profile countertop?
  • What kind of payment facilities does it provide?
  • Does it have loyalty program support?
  • Can it track staff and sales?

The above-mentioned functions are essential for any POS solution no matter if it is a paid or free point of sale system. Once we have defined the core criteria, it is high time we got to our list of best free POS platforms for cafes.

Square – A Flexible Free POS Platform

Square free POS

Many small business owners consider Square as the #1 POS solution. It is mainly used in cafes and restaurants. Square has proved to be a solid bar POS platform as well. The software is ideal for startups as well as well-established entrepreneurs. It brings a diverse selection of features.

At first sight, it looks like a simple application to process payments. But once you have dived deeper into Square features, you would benefit from an array of advantages. They vary from the function to handle all your invoices to bills recurring feature.

Despite the fact Square is a free point of sale solution, it appears to be flexible enough. Users might benefit from special add-ons. Moreover, you can integrate this free POS with other services and system such as:

  • Staff management tools;
  • Integrated payrolls;
  • Loyalty programs and fit cards;
  • Social media marketing integration (Facebook);
  • Feedback tracking feature;
  • POS access via mobile devices.

You should note that not all add-ons and apps are free. Some of them are available on a paid basis. You will have to pay a monthly fee every time you require an extended set of features. On the other hand, the basic free POS package looks flexible enough to launch a successful small business. Do not forget about managing your IT assets inventory as well.

Loyverse – Fast-Growing Free Point of Sale System

loyverse free POS

Loyverse is a free POS provider that has already made a name for itself. It might be not as popular as Square. However, it still delivers enough features to launch a café. Its main benefit is the fact you can get this point of sale system free.

The main hit of the platform is its Loyalty-Ocean add-on. It boasts a ready-to-use integrated loyalty program that makes it easy for your customers to earn loyalty points. Additionally, the platform works well on mobile devices despite the OS. Loyverse is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. It certainly adds more flexibility to your business, as you can look through the complete POS hardware list to ensure a smooth system operation.

Additional Loyverse features include:

  • Management across multiple locations.
  • Offline access in case there is no Internet connection;
  • Barcode scanning feature for mobile devices.
  • Reporting and analytics feature.

If you crave for more functions, you can access them for a fee. However, feature costs look more than affordable. For instance, a staff management instrument will cost you only $5 per month for every employee.

Harbortouch – Free Equipment for a Growing Business

Harbortouch free POS

This free point of sale system is ideal for small retail outlets, cafes, and bars. At the same time, it proved to serve well when it came to delivery services. Harbortouch boasts flexibility due to its customizable POS systems. The platform does not have any entry or startup fees. Moreover, it offers a 30-day free trial making you decide if the platform meets your requirements.

Once you have decided to use Harbortouch, you will need to choose from several available plans. They include:

  • Payment Systems costing $0. It includes only basic equipment in addition to self-installation.
  • Echo POS Systems are a good solution for small businesses looking for an ultimate POS solution. The cost starts at 429/mo.
  • Elite POS Systems appear to be ideal for retail outlets and restaurants. The plan price starts from $49 per month.
  • Salon and Spa POS is a brand new plan for beauty parlors and other establishments alike. It also costs $49 /month.

The system is compatible with mobile devices. It brings a set of features like payment processing, staff management, analytics and tracking, reports, etc.

The Bottom Line

Despite their low pricing tag, free point of sale systems can still do the trick. They deliver enough features for different types of businesses. Free POS platforms have proved to be a cost-effective solution. You can try them without overpaying and check if they meet your requirements.

On the other hand, some of them might look a bit limited. It means that you may have to pay extra cash for extended options and increased functionality especially when it comes to third-party integration and add-ons. This is where paid POS solutions may be a better choice for a more enhanced business experience.

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