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The question of bandwidth monitoring might arise unexpectedly. Let’s say, your ISP delivers a lot of bandwidth to meet your company’s needs. However, for some reason, your employees fail to take the most from it. Moreover, the Internet connection is very slow reserving a few chances to work in the multitasking mode. What would you do?

Bandwidth monitoring tools appear to be the one and only solution that really works. They are developed to identify faulty interfaces and connected devices that actually steal your Internet connection speed in addition to its bandwidth.

At the same time, advanced network inventory open source technologies will let you cope with other tasks such as network performance monitoring or capacity planning. This time we are going to have a closer look at the way bandwidth monitoring tools may come in handy.

Reasons to Use Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

Every administrator who deals with network inventory tools will have to handle bandwidth monitoring as well. A crucial function will prevent your network from breaking down in case of traffic spikes and peaks or servers going down.

On the other hand, network bandwidth monitoring tools have proved to work really great whenever you need to perform in-depth traffic analysis, track the bandwidth usage or highlight any other vital data. So, here are some core reasons to run bandwidth monitoring program:

Focus on Prior Applications

Inappropriate apps may drain up to 50% of your bandwidth resulting in slow Internet connection. It may also have a negative effect on the entire network operation. Bandwidth monitoring will let you detect the applications that use most of the capacity and define the ones that are of major priority for essential business processes.

Detailed Traffic Analysis

Advanced bandwidth monitoring tools make it easy to keep an eye on the traffic. At the same time, they might be helpful when fine-tuning switching and routing devices, set up appropriate configurations, identify top hosts and apps, etc.

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The generated data is essential when figuring out the usage peaks, trends, session periods, etc. This factor can be vital when it comes to capacity planning.

Prompt Alerting System

Network bandwidth monitoring tools are developed using the latest technologies. They provide enough functionality to generate alerts in case of traffic emergencies. The administrator gets emails and other notifications whenever traffic usage exceeds the limits or unexpectedly goes down.

Control over Bandwidth Usage

A good reason to use bandwidth monitoring tools for companies with several departments. Administrators are able to create and assign different IP addresses to different departments. The system will provide a detailed overview of traffic usage by the group.  

Reports and Analytics

Network monitoring tools are not just for tracking bandwidth but also for generating essential data. They are capable to deliver custom reports to keep an eye on vital parameters. For example, you may need bandwidth monitoring tools to access a particular application or track the usage within a separate network.

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As a result of using network bandwidth monitoring program, the company gets full control over the bandwidth usage in addition to the ability to cut down on training, operation or other types of costs.

Additional Advantages of Using Bandwidth Monitoring Program

Apart from baseline functionality, bandwidth monitoring tools come with extra benefits. They mainly include:

  • Minimized Training Costs – advanced software comes with intuitive web client making it easy for the employees to interact with the program.
  • Reduced Operational Costs – network monitoring tools simplify the troubleshooting process. Administrators are able to detect and resolve different problems at no time at all. Instant bandwidth reports and traffic analysis will inevitably result in effective use of the company’s resources.
  • Secure data Storage – some of the platforms offer several ways to store the data. As a rule, they include aggregate data formats, which means lifetime storage facilities in addition to reports and capacity planning. Another way includes non-aggregate formats with a limited storage period and capacity.

The last but not least is simple access to all network inventory tools, as most bandwidth monitoring programs are web-based. It means you can access them despite the location. All you need is a steady Internet connection and active browser.

Tips to Choose Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

Choosing a bandwidth monitoring program might be challenging, You need to know exactly which set of tools is right for you. For this reason, you need to consider several vital factors. They include:

  • OS Type – consider the operating system you use within the corporate network. Choose a monitoring program that is compatible with your particular OS.
  • Hardware Characteristics – make sure the system you opt for will run smoothly on your hardware. You need to take into account not only the specs but also technologies, technical configurations, and other essential characteristics.
  • Network Size – while some monitoring tools might work great for small-sized networks, they will fail to do the same in case of implementing in huge networks requiring larger bandwidth. In this case, you would probably need extended options with advanced features.

We will review all of the available options a bit later. Stay tuned to find out more about different types of bandwidth monitoring programs and tools.

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