5 Best POS Cash Registers for Small Business in 2018

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POS cash registers for small business come as an all-in-one solution. They feature and award-winning blend of core functions and options for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  POS cash registers boast amazing benefits and functionality thanks to combining advanced adding machine, cash box, recipe printer and other innovative tools in a single device.

Your friends and relatives tend to praise your homemade pastry or lasagna? Have you ever dreamt of running your own cozy Italian restaurant or hipster-style coffee shop? POS cash registers are among the major equipment you need to think about form the start. You might need some kitchen appliance in addition to cooking equipment to serve great meals and make your customers pleased. POS cash registers will make it easier for them to pay.

Advanced small POS cash registers for small business seem to be a better idea ifcompared to traditional devices still used by some venues. You are free to track the evolutionof cash registers and decide, which is a better option for your particular business idea. Soft4Business.info has reviewed top 5 options available on the market. All of them represent mainly POS systems and solutions. Have a look at a brief introduction in the table below. 

Best Cash Register for Small Business Summary Table

POS Cash RegisterGood for:
SquareStartups, small retailers, and eateries wanting a POS register
ToastA flexible POS cash register for restaurants
ShopKeepRetailers, franchises
VendInventory tracking management, reporting needs
QuickBooksGrowing business with multiple locations

What Features Define the Best POS Cash Registers for Small Business?

Before choosing the best bet for your new or already-running business, let’s divided them into two major categories:

  • Traditional Cash Register – A simple register-based system with a baseline set of features but a lack of extension capabilities.
  • POS Cash Register – Mainly point of sale software that can be integrated with extra services to deliver more connectivity and functionality out of the box.

Both options might do the trick depending on our requirements. You need to realize your goals. Whether you need to proceed simple customer payments or want to deliver a more flexible platform not only to process payments, but also to store receipts, manage loyalty campaigns, track sales and more.

POS Cash Register Features to Consider

POS cash register

If you decideto opt for POS cash register for small business, make sure it has everything you need to handle the business. Cafe POS systems usually offer plenty of functions. So, try to look for the following opportunities:

  1. Credit/Debit Card Processing – A baseline feature to receive payments.
  2. External Printers – Provide paper receipts despite the location.
  3. E-Receipts- Forge about paper work and benefit from electronic receipts.
  4. Barcode Scanners – Let your customers generate necessary info on the product effortlessly.
  5. Loyalty Programs – Improve your clients’ loyalty, promote specific goods or seasonal meals.
  6. Integration Opportunities – Make sure you can easily integrate a chosen POS cash register with your website or third-party instruments to deliver a better customers’ experience.

Traditional cash registers hardly touch even the half of the features above. On the other hand, you can find them all in a single cafe POS system. Now, let’s review 5 best POS cash registers for small business in 2018.

5 Best POS Cash Registers: Square, Vend, ShopKeep, Toast, QuickBooks POS

It is clearthat a POS cash register comes with much more options and features if compared to traditional devices. They might be a better choice for small business. Moreover,  they come as a part of the all-in-one cafe POS system with a bunch of additional opportunities. Here are some best POS cash registers for small business that will certainly exceed your expectations.

Square – A Flexible POS Cash Register

Square POS cash register

Square is aglobally recognizes cafe POS system. It can be a perfect fit for different types of businesses. The platfrom meets the demands of cafe shop and restaurant owners. Square works perfectly in the field of Bed & Breakfast industry as well as other types of hospitality services. As for Square POS cash register, it boasts the following advantages:

  • Flexibility – You can accept payments despite the location. The POS cash register comes with a free card reader.
  • Compatibility with Mobile OS – It is compatible with iOS and Android devices to turn your counter into a mobile kiosk.
  • Versatility – With Square POS cash register, it is easy to accept not only cash but also checks and any other type of tender.
  • Inventory Management Tools – Benefit from digital receipt and inventory management instruments. You will also appreciate automatic upgrades in addition to appointment setting in the Square free cafe POS system.
  • Integration – Are you looking or some more enhanced capabilities? Integrate your Square POS cash register with Xero, Deputy or other software platforms to grow your business.

Square POS cash register pricing: unlike many other cafe POSsystems, Square establishes affordable prices. You will need to pay 10-15 cents on each transaction in addition to a 2.5% commission. Special offers are available for businesses that process over $250.000 per year.

Toast – Touch screen POS Cash Register for Restaurants

Toast POS cash register

Designed mainly for restaurant needs, Toast certainly deserves to get in our list of best POS cash registers for small business in 2018. The entire cafe POS system is very easy to use, while the cash register comes with some advanced technologies, ease of use and simple customization process with just a one touch. The key Toast features are as follows:

  • For Venues of Any Size – Customize your Toast POS cash register whether you have asmall cafe or a huge restaurant.
  • Online Orders – Deliver the best ordering experience to your customers and let them place orders online.
  • Loyalty Programs and Promotions – This feature is vital for cafe or restaurant business. Toast delivers great instruments to increase customers’ loyalty and treat them properly.
  • Improved Customer Relation – although Toast POS cash register might look a bit limited at first sight, it has a bunch of award-winning integrated tools. They include built-in customer relation management instrument.

Toast POS cash register pricing: to get started with Toast cafe POS system, you need to pay $79 monthly. A single installation will cost you $499.

ShopKeep – Cloud-Based POS Cash Register

ShopKeep POS cash register

ShopKeep is a good alternative to traditional cash registers. It is packed with great features in addition to its compatibility with iPad. You can accept various payment types, which makes the system perfect for any type of business including franchising. The main advantages include:

  • All Types of Payments – Accept any payment type from credit and debit cards to mobile payments.
  • ShopKeep Pocket App – It can be integrated with your iPad POS cash register to perform updates in real time.
  • Integration Capabilities – The POS system can be integrated with other platforms including QuickBooks. You might also connect with Big Commerce and start selling online effortlessly.

ShopKeep POS cash register pricing: the starting price for ShopKeep POS system is $69. It might look like a bargain. However,  if you want to benefit from a complete POS cash register system, you will have to purchase POS hardware as well.

Vend – Great POS Cash Register for Retailers

Vend POS cash register

Our list of best POS cash registers for small business would not be full without Vend. The brand provides a great POS system for retailers. It offers amazing reporting capabilities and a set of built-in tools for advanced management and sales tracking. The core Vend advantages include:

  • Advanced Inventory Management – You can track and manage your inventory using Vend cafe POS system.
  • Reporting Capabilities – The system ensures real-time reports. You can generate necessary data as well as look through your clients’ database.
  • Offline Availability – The POS cash register is available offline. Moreover, theplatform is compatible with iOS powered tablets. You can access it via your PC or Mac.

Vend POS cash register pricing: the system offers several POS cash register plans. You can choose a package that meets your needs. Small business owners can start from a $99 Lite package. If you have several venues or sites,a good idea to opt for a multi-store package that costs $129 monthly.

QuickBooks – Desktop POS Cash Register for Growing Business

QuickBooks POS cash register

Initially designed as a desktop version, QuickBooks POS system is a good choice for growing business with multiple venues. Its POS cash register is packed with features that include:

  • Additional Modules – Connect pole displays, cash drawers, barcode scanners, etc.
  • Inventory Management Tools – A simple inventory management instrument to track your assets.
  • Rewardand Loyalty Programs – Set rewards and special bonuses for your customers send personalized offers and more.

QuickBooks POS cash register pricing: the POS system is the most expensive in our list of best POS cash registers for small business. The basic package will cost you from $750 for the installation. The Pro version  of the software starts from $1.020. If you run several stores within a single chain, you will need a multi-store QuickBooks POS system costing $1.140. Also consider a $5-dollar monthly plan as well as extra fees for additional integrations or modules.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best POS cash register for small business is not as challenging as it mays eem. All you need is to set clear targets and realize the concept for your future business model. Decide on the number of venues within your cafe or retail chain and choose a POS solution that meets your needs. Do not forget to consider extension opportunities as well as extra tools to improve customers’experience and their loyalty.

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