4 Core Features a Brilliant Cafe POS System Must Have

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What should a brilliant cafe POS system do? If you are a small business owner or run a cafe, you need to know the answer to that question. As an entrepreneur, you need to have a clear vision of features a great cafe POS solution should have.

Some people underestimate the role of point of sale systems for small business. A brilliant cafe POS is not just a simple POS machine. It is not just a cash register or tool to handle taxes or inventory management. It is a multi-purpose platform that comes as an all-in-one solution. Its mission is to help you grow your business and sales effortlessly.

Choosing a brilliant cafe POS system can be a challenge especially for newbies. For this reason, Soft4Business.info has highlighted some of the key features great point of sale systems for small business must have.

Brief Cafe POS System Features’ Summary

The latest researches have proved the efficiency of point of sale systems. The implementation of advanced cafe POS system will let you save up to 10% annually. However, 62% of retailers still refuse from modern POS solutions for cafes. That’s a huge mistake, considering the benefits they deliver:

POS System Feature Benefits for Business What can you do?
FlexibilitySimple integration with your hardwareSave time and cost instead of hiring technicians
Mobile Friendliness Instant transactions via mobile devices Let your customers avoid queues, process mobile transactions automatically
Advanced reporting Real-time data and sales trackingMake wise business decisions to develop your business

What Are the Features to Look for in a Brilliant Cafe POS System?

A POS machine can appear to be a real lifesaver for any retailer. Whether you run a small boutique, hipster coffee shop or provide moving houses services, modern point of sale systems for small business let you handle essential tasks effortlessly. All you need is to choose the right POS solution the meets your needs. So, what to look for in a cafe POS solution?

brilliant cafe POS system

Easy to Customize

Want to take the fullest form your cafe POS system? Let the POS machine become your best friend. It can be so much more than a simple terminal or cash register. Let it express its abilities at full swing. This is where customizability might play a vital role.  You need to consider the following:

  1. Make sure your POS solution meets your business requirements.
  2. Consider long or short-term POS system usage.
  3. Check if the system you opt for is compatible with your hardware, IT network, etc.

If the above-mentioned sound daunting, you can always opt for the most flexible and easy-to-use cafe POS systems like Square.

Effective Inventory Management

A POS machine can turn into an effective inventory management tool. Keep all your assets, products and sales under control. It is high time we forgot about manual inventory handling. Modem POS solutions offer a simpler way. Issues to consider are as follows:

  • Ensure a simple POS system integration with your ERP software – You will benefit from detailed insights and 100% control over your inventory.
  • Real-Time Data Generating – the POS machine will generate all necessary data in real time updating sales info, orders, products on stock, etc.
  • Automated Product Classification – integrated with your ERP, a Cafe POS system will define the most and least popular products.

In other words, point of sale systems for small business let you offer your customers the products they need right here right now. According to the latest stats, 83% of consumers are likely to leave without buying a product. This is mainly due to difficulties when looking for a necessary product.

 Smooth POS Machine Running

brilliant cafe POS system

Modern technologies evolve. They deliver a bunch of amazing features out of the box. Point of sale systems for small business are not an exception. Moreover, we should consider the fact that customers keep going online. It means, they require some more advanced features like mobile payment opportunities. Modern cafe POS systems offer mobile stands for tablets and smartphone.

So, take into account the following to meet your clients’ expectations:

  • The availability of barcode scanners – Let your customers breeze easily through transactions with just a touch.
  • Look for advanced mobile options in your cafe POS system – Complete payments using mobile devices despite the carrier or OS.
  • POS solution flexibility – Make sure your POS machine lets you process each and every transaction right on the spot for maximum convenience.

On the one hand, you will prevent your clients from waiting in queues (82% of visitors leave the cafe because of queues). On the other hand, your visitors will appreciate the fast and simple shopping experience.

Detailed Insights and Reports

brilliant cafe POS system

Information is priceless. It can be your secret weapon in a battle with competitors. Those who owe the data rule the world. You can join them in the long run thanks to your cafe POS system analytic features. An advanced POS machine is designed to generate data and put it in detailed reports. The benefits are obvious:

  • Point of Sale Systems for small business collects most valuable info about your clients.
  • A cafe POS system can let you track sales.
  • An advanced POS machine can tailor promotions directly to your loyal customers.

Did you know that 66% of clients are likely to leave if they are not treated as loyal? Direct your loyalty programs or promotions directly to the visitors. POS solutions will make them feel pleased and satisfied.

The Bottom Line

A cafe POS system can let you grow big even if you start small. With so many point of sale systems for small business available today, choosing the best matching POS machine can be a challenge. To solve the problem keep an eye on the vital features for your business.

Check if the software is compatible with your network. Does it provide enough tools for mobile transactions, reporting and customization? Does it have enough tools to satisfy your customers? If the answer is “yes”, grab the POS system and grow your business. There is no need to opt for something too complex from the start. A simple, easy-to-use and effective Square for retail platform would be just great for a start with the ability to expand and evolve your cafe in future.

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