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Small business owners require more advanced tools. The competition in the niche is getting tougher each day. They only way to stand out is to have a solid online representation. Advanced small business web technologies may be a good solution. All you need is to choose form best free website builders and get started.

Modern site builders have proved to be an all-in-one solution for entrepreneurs. They are cheap, easy to use. They do not require any special skills and deliver a bunch of built-in features out of the box. It will take about 2 hours to create a solid small business site from using modern web technologies in the face of best free website builders. Soft4Bussiness.info have reviewed top 3 platforms that claim to provide cost-effective web building solution to users.

Small Business Website Builder Comparison

Platform WixuKitIM Creator
Pricing $0-$24/mo$4-$12/mo $0-$350/year
Good for Digital Stores
Business Cards
All-niches websites
Landing Pages
Digital shops eCommerce Corporate Sites
Prosaffordable prices, free hosting, Wix App Store, Widgets and Add-Ons, Basic SEO ToolsSimple editing, reat blogging features, low price, mobile-friendly templates, widgets, blogging features, basic SEO setting, cheap and easy. Extended SEO Tools E-Commerce Features White Label Feature

Wix – An Ultimate Free Website Builder for Small Business

Wix free website builder

Wix has emerged into the list of most recognizable website builders. The platform comes as an all-in-one solution letting you handle the creation o any site type. It is good for small business purposes, blogs, portfolios, digital stores, etc. The software introduces latest web technologies to benefit from the following:

  • Mobile-Optimized Websites – Wix delivers an array of templates from different categories. All templates a mobile optimized. Moreover, the platform has recently introduced its Mobile Preview mode letting users edit website mobile versions.
  • Ease of Use – Wix is probably one of the simplest software. It features an intuitive interface in addition to a drag-and-drop feature. The content editor is very simple. Simply add text, images or videos and publish a ready-to-use website.
  • Wix App Store – The software has its own App store. Here you can chose from hundreds of different widgets and add-ons. Customize your web pages and increase customers’ engagement rate effortlessly.
  • Free Plan – Wix Free Plan is a core benefit. You can launch your own website at no cost at all!

Please, not that a Free Plan is good for small websites only. Once you crave for more storage, bandwidth or advanced features, you should opt for any of the paid plans available. hey include access to all templates in addition to free hosting, domain, and other perks.

uKit – Affordable Small Business Website Builder

uKit claims to be the ideal small business web instrument. Although it is not literally free, the software offers a 14-day trial. You can test the system and decide if it is good for you. uKt is yet the cheapest website builder featuring the affordable $4-plan that includes enough storage and bandwidth in addition to free hosting and domain.

Here are some more uKit advantages:

  • Simple Editing – Designed for non-technicians, uKit is known as the easiest website builder for now. It lets newbies build and publish the site within several hours. Choose a template, remove blocks, add content, post images or videos with just several clicks.
  • Mobile-Friendly Themes – uKit follows the latest web technologies. Users can choose from a variety of mobile ready templates.
  • Free Hosting and Domain – All necessary web facilities are already included in the price.
  • Special Features – The software comes with some built-in functions including basic SEO feature, tools for eCommerce websites, etc.

uKit is not a free website builder. However it offers a free trial while paid plans start from $4 per month. It can still be a rather cost-effective solution for small business.

IM Creator – The Simplest Small Business Website Builder

im-creator free website builder

IM Creator hardly needs any introduction. It is popular with business owners of any type. It has proved to be a solid web instrument to create sites of any type from blogs and digital stores to small business websites. It is packed with great features including SEO, eCommerce, Analytics, and more. The software is not as easy as Wix or uKit. However, it still delivers some of the core advantages out for the box:

  1. It is Free – IM Creator has a special offer to students and non-profitable organizations. They can use the platform absolutely free with an access to its all advanced features.
  2. Great Template Selection – The platform boasts a diverse collection of templates. Choose a category you need, pick a platform and start editing.
  3. Amazing Blogging Tool – IM Creator is perfect for blogs thanks to its amazing blogging feature. Go for advanced settings to create customized pages and stand out.
  4. eCommecre Option – Looking for a chance to launch your digital store? This free website builder will do the trick. Manage your products, add categories and prices, set currencies and more from a single dashboard.

White Label is a unique featured delivered by IM Creator. Independent web designers, hosting providers and development companies can use platform’s facilities to developed their own services.


Choosing web technologies for small business depends on your goals. You need to consider your future site complexity. It will help you to define the required storage and bandwidth. Moreover, you need to plan your budget in advance. Free Plans might not be enough in case you are planning a massive web resource. Compare and contrast all available plans and pricing before selecting a platform.

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